Why Law of Attraction Isn’t Working & 4 Ways To Fix It

Posted on November 6, 2012 | By Mindy Crary

Why Law of Attraction Is Not Working

I have met many finance-professional types who turn their noses up at manifestation principles, but I am not one of them! Law of Attraction (LOA) helps people become more spiritual about their money, and provides another perspective and set of tools to help people reach their financial goals more quickly, and more in alignment with their ideal lives.

When you’re using Law of Attraction correctly, it can give you a sense of peace and groundedness in even the toughest financial times. When you’re missing some of the principles, it can make you feel like a failure for not being able to manifest!

Law of Attraction Case Study

I recently experienced this with my friend Abby. A few weeks ago, Abby was frustrated over the slow business growth of her husband’s business. She’s not very interested in the business, but helps out a few hours a week until she discovers her ultimate passion. Abby felt stuck about how she can serve herself and at the same time, improve the family’s money situation. Abby was especially frustrated that her Law of Attraction work hadn’t brought greater results this year.

So I asked her: “You’re saying you want to feel like you have more financial stability, have greater peace of mind and know you have the cash flow to fund everything you want?” (Yes, yes and yes.) So I said, “GET A JOB.” (In the nicest way possible, of course!).

Abby voiced all of her objections to having a job—limited earning power, doesn’t like doing anything she is qualified for, etc. She was stuck; Abby focused on all of the things that she DIDN’T WANT in a job, and then she connected it all back to make it mean she couldn’t have financial prosperity or peace of mind unless and until she found that passion.

I see this situation a lot with people who work with Law of Attraction. They want something better for themselves, but they are still resisting the experience they currently have. You can’t manifest and resist at the same time, it just doesn’t work. You have to make peace with where you’re at FIRST, and then work to improve your experience.

Combine Law of Attraction + Real World

The easiest way to start making money is to do something—anything. I compare this to exercising; when I was recovering from my broken ankle, I couldn’t do any “fun” activities for a LONG time. I could barely stand up straight because I was accustomed to balancing myself on my good leg! But physical therapy and walking (hobbling) helped me go on to do greater things.

I can use this analogy: I need to hike up this mountain. My first thoughts are that it’s going to be difficult, I am going to get all sweaty and look like a dork compared to those women over there in their lululemon outfits. My muscles will burn and I will trip, slip or get whacked in the face by a tree branch.

But I can’t just LOA my ass up the mountain. We’re all here for an earthly experience and that includes experimenting with your surroundings (money included). You can’t just sit on the sidelines and “energy” the money into existence; you have to DO something in alignment with that energy.

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People mistakenly think that if it doesn’t feel good, you shouldn’t do it. Instead, Law of Attraction wants you to reframe—this thing is going to happen, it must happen (or you need it to happen), so how can you participate and feel good about it?

Reframe: I need to hike up this mountain, but I can do it in a way that brings me more pleasure … I can stop every 5 minutes or whenever I feel like it, take a drink of water and look around, and FEEL myself in the present moment. I can take the path that seems easiest to me. I can give myself a little pat on the back and pause to congratulate myself on doing something I would have been incapable of 3 years ago.

4 Concepts For Your Law of Attraction Practice

Here are four thoughts to keep in mind when you’re feeling frustrated about your lack of manifestation results:

Resistance is futile. It sucks to be broke. I know this. I also know that when I was completely broke, I made the most spiritual progress of my life! I didn’t like being broke, but I loved how it magnified my appreciation of the things that were still working. I loved how it allowed me to notice miracles and shifts in perception. And I loved how much I grew to appreciate my own resourcefulness and self worth. The lesson worth repeating: You must stop resisting what you dislike about your current situation to move past it.

You have to BE in this world to reap the benefits of it. Spiritual practice is awesome, but I never experience miracles or connectedness until I interact with the physical world and people around me. I have even noticed that the more I incorporate play-time into my week, the more prospect calls I get! You might have the greatest energy in the world, but if you isolate yourself and limit your external experience, you’ll still be stuck.

Get off the sidelines and make a change. If you have been working with your energy, the money might need some kind of real-world receptacle to come into. You might need to change the energy you bring to your job. Or you might need to change your energetic scenery if nothing is moving, by taking a part-time job, volunteering or creating a side hustle. You never know what will connect you with your future business partner, or cause you to unlock a skill or opportunity you never realized existed for you.

Experimentation requires mistakes. People who want their outside world to be in alignment with their authentic selves sometimes believe that they need to wait for all conditions to be perfect before they can begin. If this were true, I wouldn’t be where I am today—I have been messing things up and getting things wrong for YEARS, well over a decade! But I am also closer to my ideal life than ever before. It’s a process.

Actions This Week

  • Make a list of all of the things that currently annoy or worry you about your current life. This is everything you’re resisting.
  • Reframe that resistance list. The place I like to begin is by asking myself, “How is this experience contributing to my personal growth?” and then find ways that you can be gentler with yourself during the growing process.
  • Experiment. Look for ways to bring your Law of Attraction energy into the real world. Choose one thing to do differently and see how it makes you feel.

And in the comments below, tell me . . .

What’s your biggest energy challenge right now?

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34 Responses to “Why Law of Attraction Isn’t Working & 4 Ways To Fix It”

  1. Dana says:

    “You must stop resisting what you dislike about your current situation to move past it.” Wow, did you write this just for me? It certainly feels like it. I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why things aren’t working…I have a vision board, I had a plan, I’ve expressed it to the universe, I’m trying to step through open doors…BUT I am not happy with my current situation. In fact, I even told myself the other day, “Really hate my life right now.” Then I read this post. It was like the hit over my head that I really needed. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing. One day I hope to work with you but I gotta be happy about where I am right now so I can make some money! Thank you! :-)

  2. Stacey says:

    I’m with Dana, this post was written with me in mind, without a doubt.

    Earlier this year I decided to “start where I am,” and stop waiting for ideal circumstances to start my business. It was and still is very frightening. I am struggling to motivate myself to create a life for myself (ask me to do something for someone else and I’m all over it),but my biggest hurdle is I spend 4 days a week doing a job that I no longer enjoy. This negative energy is manifesting in my body, in my wallet, and throughout my entire life. I am beyond ready to be 100% self-employed, I visualize it, I can feel it coming,but that doesn’t change where I am today. I know that my mindset is what needs to change in order to transform this situation.

    I so needed this post… you’re an angel Mindy!

    I too hope to work with you in the future. Thank you so very much for the encouragement, it means so much.
    Stacey recently posted..Plug InMy Profile

  3. April says:

    Perfect timing with this one, Mindy! I just stopped resisting, and started doing SOMETHING, even if it didn’t feel fabulous. And, as it turns out, it doesn’t suck so much! 😉 I’ve been getting stuck in how BIG my obstacle is, and how it really felt impossible, so why bother, right?! First step, taken. I really appreciate the reminder about how things/people show up when we take some kind of ACTION. So true. Thanks for this today!

  4. Nancy says:

    Hi Mindy – I have a story to share that surprises me more than anyone else. I had taken a sabbatical from a job I was not happy with to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, but I was frustrated with how long the answer was taking. I thought when the right thing came to me it would kind of drop out of the sky, I would know and everything would be perfect. In the meantime my husband was getting pretty frustrated with the rate we were going through our (not unlimited) savings and was looking at selling our house and moving to South America where could live in comfort for the rest of our life without ever needing to work again. And that scared me because I wasn’t yet ready to throw in the towel and because I believed there was meaningful work out there for me. So I did something that I am REALLY reluctant to do – I borrowed some money to pay off a bill and cover a few months of expenses so that we didn’t have to dip into his retirement account again for a while. I took a risk because I believed in a possibility that I couldn’t see how it was going to turn out; I basically put my ass on the line and said I am going to make this work and I don’t know how I’m going to do it. And then things just started to happen. People called and e-mailed me and asked me to do jobs for them (not bid, just hire me). Opportunities came out of seemingly nowhere. One opportunity led to the next. Every month is a little better than the month before. We haven’t dipped into the savings since June. And I am happier in my work than I ever have been in my life. I realized I don’t get to know where it’s going, but I sure am enjoying the process.

  5. Ahh Law of Attraction :)

    This is so wonderfully timed that I sit here and read this post. I had a difficult run at trying to attract clients/abundance – the problem was that i was resisting my truth – my true skill set. I was trying so hard to pass / offer myself as something that I thought I should be that I got stuck and wondered why is this not working.

    Resisting can make the attraction impossible.

    Love the action steps at the end.

    “Make a list of all of the things that currently annoy or worry you about your current life. This is everything you’re resisting.” <— YES

  6. Adeah says:

    “It’s a process.” Thanks for the reminder!

    Whenever I give focus to LOA / Divine Order in my life, I am amazed at how quickly the situation changes. What seemed like an impossible problem quickly shifts into an opportunity.
    Adeah recently posted..A bun dance.My Profile

  7. I love this post, the best one I have ever seen about money and the law of attraction! My favorite is the part about getting more clients when you make time for playtime! That is advice I need to take. I resist playtime because I think that hard work will bring me closer to my dreams but I get burned out and upset when things don’t pan out as planned. My business is helping people heal their digestive issues. I work so hard to get the word out because there are so many people who are suffering and need my help. My intention is to be of service but I resist taking care of myself. The one action step I have gotte
    From this blog is to make more time to play and that play is actually in line with my mission of healing and being of service. Thank you for pointing this out. I needed this message.

  8. Mindy – love the way you’ve broken down LOA when it comes to money. When I was working to fill up my workshop recently I noticed that every single time I went and did something fun someone awesome came along and signed up for my workshop. I kept saying out loud, “o.k. universe I hear you!” It’s a great reminder to myself to go play now!
    Christie Halmick | Jewels Branch Creative recently posted..Women Branching Out: Alana SheerenMy Profile

  9. Loes says:

    I find that when I’m feeling stuck and nothing I do is getting me unstuck, I need to surrender to whatever it is I’m resisting first. Once I manage to do that (not always easy), things start shifting in major ways.

  10. Love your blogs. I especially love this one. My favorite line is “You can’t manifest and resist at the same time, it just doesn’t work. You have to make peace with where you’re at FIRST, and then work to improve your experience.”

    So true. I started my own business and wanted it to grow faster than it was, yet I was so hung up on how much I disliked my “day job” that I did 2 days per week that I spent too much time focused on what I didn’t want rather than what I do want. Once I shifted my perspective and even included saying what I am grateful for with my day job, my business has been so busy. I love LOA.

  11. Kat Bouchard says:

    Mindy I love your balance between the practical money sense and slightly ‘woo woo’ way of thinking. I love both and its so refreshing to see them put together in this way. I love number 4 Experimentation requires mistakes. I think sometimes I am so scared of making mistakes that I don’t take all the risks I need to! Thanks once again for this amazing post Mindy!
    Kat Bouchard recently posted..How To Avoid Being Sent To the TrashMy Profile

  12. MIndy…this is a great post. I will be re-reading this again to allow these concepts to really sink in….thanks! I have energy issues around money that are well-rooted and go back decades. I am going to bring in some of your processes for sure! I particularly love this: “You can’t just sit on the sidelines and “energy” the money into existence; you have to DO something in alignment with that energy.” Not sure this is me, but I am going to definitely sit with this a while….
    Thanks again, Tina
    Tina Pruitt | Speaker | Kick Ass Online Business Strategist recently posted..Craving the Sweetest Surrender of SleepMy Profile

  13. I absolutely LOVE this blog post! I’m a big fan of balancing right and left brain, and I love that your money/practical side listens to your spiritual/LOA side, and most importantly, VICE VERSA! Thank you!

  14. Hahaha! LOVE this MIndy! And… you have just PROVED how UNmagical or WOO WOO LOA really is! I think we need a NEW phrase than Law of Attraction… .because it has set so many people down the wrong road! Including ME!! Yes… put that amount on your altar (which was ususally way beyond and beyond what I really want to work for!) And sing over it! dance it! imagine it is there now! haha! everything BUT figure it out! there is FORMULA to making that money! a FORMULA to being successful in business.

    I just fallen BIG TIME in LOVE with you! thank you for breaking the bubble. The. Emperor. Has. No. Clothes!
    Kathleen Prophet recently posted..Remembering the Witches & Embody Your Sacred Powers: Creating Your Altar & Webinar InfoMy Profile

  15. Mindy Crary says:

    You’re SO right Kathleen! We DO need a new phrase to bring this into the greater world. Thanks for your wonderful comments, they made my day!
    Mindy Crary recently posted..Your Money Can Be A DaisyMy Profile

  16. What a great post Mindy! I especially resonated with the sentence,”I can’t just LOA my ass up the mountain.” – haha, love it (and so true of all our life’s “mountains”).
    I will definitely be looking at where I’m still resisting when it comes to bringing money + abundance into my life. Your tips + suggestions are really helpful – thank you!
    Stephanie Watanabe recently posted..Steroids. Gratitude. And a big fat slice of humble pie.My Profile

    • Mindy Crary says:

      Thank you Stephanie! You mentioned the one line that resonates with me and is my mantra whenever I am sitting around wondering why stuff isn’t happening – “Mindy, you can’t LOA your ass up the mountain!” Thanks for stopping by :o)
      Mindy Crary recently posted..Your Money Can Be A DaisyMy Profile

  17. This is a great post! Reminds me of Einstein actually (yes): You can’t simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. Sounds like similar thinking, especially for those of us for whom money has been a war. Excellent.

    • Mindy Crary says:

      Wow, I LOVE that Einstein quote and how relevant! I think he must have been an LOA expert :o)
      Mindy Crary recently posted..Your Money Can Be A DaisyMy Profile

      • Hi Mindy,I have been practicing the Loa for about 3 months now,I have a journal that I write in everyday 10 things that I am grateful for in my life,it truly makes me feel good,the only thing is that I have not been able to manifest any of my desires,What am I doing wrong. Thank you Gloria Fisher

        • Mindy Crary says:

          Hi Gloria, great to hear you’ve been practicing! To address your question…Remember that this post is about experimenting and taking action in the real world. So I suggest you figure out one small piece of your dream and figure out how to bring that into your world today–even if it isn’t the whole thing. What’s one way of being that can bring you closer to that reality? Manifesting is about everything you mentioned, but also concrete steps to bring you closer to your desires.

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