Praise For Mindy

headshotalt“I have 4 words for you. Sign up and follow Mindy! In the past few weeks, she has inspired me to:

  • Signed up for a regular withdrawal from my checking into Roth IRA monthly (which used to freak me out as the solopreneur)
  • Same to go into my 529 for daughter’s college fund.
  • I have saved $52, $51, $50 and downwards per week for the year so far.
  • No more Credit Cards! 

I help people find their way back to happy on a daily basis. Mindy’s helped me with my own happy dance. Thank you!”

Claire Gillenson, Back to Happy | Grief Coach


“Mindy is a super charged business doctor! In 15 minutes she gave me a whole page of ideas for my business and got me thinking about possible opportunities that had never occurred to me before. Her combination of analytical thinking and enthusiasm is infectious, making meetings fun and productive.”                                                            —Andrea Ramos Moore, I Love My Gluten Free Foods


“Just come as you are.  No matter what financial situation you are in – Mindy can help you come up with a plan to get in a better situation.”        —Danyelle Thomas, Washington D.C.


“Finance can be dry and scary, and Mindy do a great job of blending money and life coaching effortlessly.”  —Megan Frady Flatt, BUMP Life


 “The results I achieved by working with Mindy are actually too many to write here, but the bottom line is that I am not worried about money anymore, and I feel in control.  Mindy is friendly and personable and not some starchy accountant.  We all have that picture of the disgruntled man who uses cryptic language to talk to you about your money and Mindy is so the opposite.  She explained things easily for the lay-non-money-person.  And, she didn’t take over our session and tell me what she thought I should hear, she asked me what I wanted to know and answered all of my questions.  It’s amazing how many people don’t do that.”     —Karen Pierson, Chicago, IL


“Mindy captured the true essence of the problems I am dealing with in my business from just our one conversation.  I intend to implement all recommendations.”  Dick B., Spokane, WA


Whenever I have a conversation with Mindy Crary, it seems like she starts out with, “I’ve been thinking about your business and I have three ideas I wanted to share with you — that is, if that’s okay with you…” Okay with me? It’s amazing with me! Her ideas are always thoughtful, on-target, and inspirational. I want to shrink her down and keep her in my pocket so I can just peek in and say, “Do you think this will work?” or “Did I say that clearly?” Luckily, I can call her up and she’ll generously share her insights on operating my small business.           —Pearl Klein, Words At Work


“Mindy’s approach is plain-spoken, no-B.S. and empathetic.  Not only did she customize her style and advice to fit our goals and preferences, she gave good advice beyond financial stuff and helped us prioritize our lives.  Working with Mindy gave us clarity and practical advice, cleared up a whole ton of questions, and left us with a good set of to-do items.”  —Aaron L., Seattle, WA


“I always leave business coaching meetings with Mindy feeling enthusiastic and motivated to launch into action. She exhibits a keen understanding business operations and expansion from her own experience and years of being a consultant for others. Of course it’s a bonus that Mindy is a CFP and understands cash flow and other significant money matters, but it’s her intuition that guides me to solving problems (including those that I haven’t even been aware of without her insight) that has proven invaluable to my business growth.”          

Bob Florine, Salmon Bay Insurance


“I was looking for someone with a laid back approach who was not trying to sell me a particular product but to address my specific needs…but also a bit skeptical because of a bad experience with another planner.  Mindy made me feel that my needs were important from the start.  She makes financial planning accessible to “normal” people…instead of feeling like I have to have a 6-figure salary in order to consider getting help.  After working with Mindy, I feel like I have a solid long-term partner in crime.”  —Emma Glidden, Seattle, WA


When I was looking for a financial planner, I wanted to make sure the benefits received would outweigh the cost. I needed something different than what I’d received the many times I’ve worked with financial advisors in the past. Mindy definitely met and exceeded my expectations.  Mindy’s services would be valuable to anyone looking to gain confidence in their financial plan, regardless of where they are in life. Her approach brings a wonderful transparency to the world of personal finances. She didn’t just say, “Here’s a plan, have fun implementing this on your own…” She’s available to answer the questions that inevitably arise along the way. It makes the plan actually doable, not just great in theory.           —Sally G., Seattle, WA


“I worked with other financial planners in the past who were speaking to a different level than where I was coming from.  I wanted help with budgeting and cash flow management and not investing and retirement planning.  After working with Mindy, I have a solid plan for paying down debt, revamped cash flow and did in fact begin saving for retirement.  Mindy is down to earth and easy to understand.     —Brandon M., Seattle, WA


“Mindy is the person who–when I feel like jumping off a bridge–calms me down and gets me back to happy. My wife says, “I don’t know what you and Mindy talk about, but keep doing it.” It’s the best money I spend because one hour with Mindy gets me grounded, focused and moving in the right direction!”           —Adam Faber, Mount Vernon, WA


“I loved that she didn’t sell us any financial products but was able to educate us on types of financial accounts we might want to consider. She is such a down to earth person and didn’t make us feel like we had to be a millionaire for her to be interested in helping us. I can’t say enough about how great her services are.”          —Joanna R., Seattle, WA


“Since Mindy does not work for any particular financial institution, she is able to be neutral when explaining different options, so you don’t feel like you’re working with a salesperson. She is very friendly and easy-going! I was very impressed with Mindy.”                             —Leyla R., Seattle, WA


“Mindy does an excellent job of breaking down the financial realm in simple, jargon-free language. We were immediately struck by her unpretentious attitude and the transparency of her thinking and methodology. Thanks to Mindy, we now have a clear path forward and the confidence to know that we can manage our own financial future.”           —Kevin Hood, Seattle, WA


“Thank you so much for all of your work, help and brilliant insights!!  You are revolutionizing my life and I can’t be more appreciative.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”       —Ariane H., Seattle, WA


“Working with Mindy is motivating.  She is creative, knowledgeable and caring.  If you are not afraid of a little healthy fear, then entrust yourself to her.  Her ideas immediately resonated with me–her practical methods have helped me begin a process of shedding debt and building wealth.  I am stronger about money both mentally and spiritually because of using the tools Mindy has provided me.  I am excited about my progress and I am thrilled about my potential!”            —Trinnity Z., Bellingham, WA 


“I want to thank you for a GREAT session!  I’m pretty good at the dreaming and scheming aspects of my life, but I can register pretty low on the side of implementation.  You zeroed in on that and gave me effective grounding tools and strategies that I could put to use right away to get moving forward with regard to my wants and my money.”         —Karen Gargel, Equus Coach


“I have had two sessions with Mindy and “walked around in her head” seeing how she thinks about money– it has been invaluable for me to see other ways of looking how to set my fees and calculate my money “needs”.”   —Morgana Morgaine, Author, Speaker, Coach


“Mindy provides a unique and important service to her clients without the pressure (and potential conflict) of selling her own financial products. Rather than just telling her clients how to “just do it,” she understands that financial decisions are tied up in larger emotional issues. She works with her clients with compassion, intelligence, and humor to help them “get right” with their money and plan well for their future. I highly recommend her services.”          —Valerie O., Seattle, WA


“Mindy is the ONLY financial advisor I knew I could trust in asking for help with sorting out what seemed to be a complex and precarious situation. There has never been an ounce of judgment … only support, sound advice/feedback, and encouragement on a down-to-earth human level. The easy-going dialog Mindy and I have is the most comforting and helpful factor in working with her.  I would go as far as to say that she’s a financial “therapist” as much as a “coach” or “advisor”,  taking the time to understand the emotional aspects of money management AND helping to establish clear-cut goals and achievable plans of action.”    —Rachel R., Seattle, WA


“For the first time since becoming a business owner, I understand and feel comfortable approaching my natural market and asking for referrals.  When Mindy role-plays with me, she just has a way of saying things that makes it all seem relaxed and easy.”                                 —Tim K., St Louis, MO



“My financial world had been neglected for years; it was like a black box I didn’t want to open. Mindy helped me feel a greater sense of peace and order over my finances than I have in years.” —Marc Fredson, Seattle, WA


“I give Mindy a “Whoo Hoo” rating.  I’ve worked with Mindy several times in the last three years, through various precarious financial situations: unemployment, retirement planning, debt management, car purchasing, and uh-oh moments.  Professionally, Mindy is sharp, quick and most importantly, realistic.  She has an amazing way of taking what looks to be a hairball situation and breaks it down into consumable chunks with a reasonable plan.  Personally, Mindy is funny, upbeat and responsive.  She makes the topic of financial planning actually fun!  I can’t say enough about Mindy!  I’ll stick with her for years to come – when hopefully the hairball situation turns into a wealth management one!”                 —Brea S., Seattle, WA


“Mindy is amazing.  I just can’t explain how good it feels to meet with her and “barf” all my financial problems on the table in front of her.  I have a great time every time I meet with her, and I leave her office feeling like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I have a spring in my step & I am actually excited about tackling my money issues.  It is very empowering!!  Solana C. Joy of Living Clean