Meet Mindy

How I’m Different

Mindy Crary

A lot of traditional financial planning advice is provided with the hope you’ll purchase an investment or insurance product.  This means that the advisor’s incentive is to limit their financial planning advice around certain products you buy.   I don’t do that, and I don’t sell products.  Here’s what you get with me:

  • Financial planning direction and guidance, whatever your income.
  • Coaching you through a decision, instead of selling you on one.
  • Support through the emotional roller coaster of making tough decisions around your money.
  • Solving challenges instead of selling you products.
  • Creating independence and making you aware of the right tools and processes to address all areas of your finances.

Who Am I, Really?

I’m a lot like you.  Practical. Emotional. Energetic. And sometimes even mental.  I understand that your greatest obstacle to wealth really is you.  As a certified financial planning practitioner, I backup everything I say around sound holistic guidance, with not just from 15+ years in the big financial industry, but with professional certifications around the coaching industry, too.

I hold a Masters in Business in addition to my street cred…I’ve built and sold two businesses and acted as a mentor, trainer and speaker to other planners and broker-dealers in my industry.  I created the first-ever regional online marketing training for brand-new advisors for one specific national firm.  I’ve helped make multiple businesses better through process improvement, systems analysis, team and leadership development.  I’ve helped startups figure out their core offerings, their business models and how they were going to get people in their door, virtual or otherwise.

Having the diverse combination of finance and coaching experience (along with an actual sense of humor that didn’t require any particular certification), I help both your money AND you succeed. From growing your wealth to the actual person behind it, I help to bridge the gap between the energetic, spiritual and practical financial services industry, but doing it with a creative twist.

Are you an aspiring financial bad-ass or someone who needs helps making their financial life amazing?

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