Meet Dawn Torres-Gale


Dawn Torres-Gale
Financial Planner


I’m not sure if I found Financial Planning or Financial Planning found me.  

While living in Hawaii during my husband’s active-duty military career, I chose to go to graduate school to study Public Administration with a focus on Mediation.  To get more experience, I volunteered as a court-appointed mediator in the Small Claims Division at one of Hawaii’s District Courts.  This volunteer opportunity changed my life because it showed me that I was good at helping people understand how to navigate their personal finances.  

Shortly after this, the military moved us to Massachusetts and I learned about an opportunity to earn the Accredited Financial Counselor® designation.  After working as an AFC® for several years, I was encouraged by another military spouse who was working on earning the CFP® mark to look into getting the CFP® mark myself and the rest is history…

What is your favorite part about being a financial planner?

I love when I am discussing something with a client and they have that ‘aha’ moment where they first realize the new possibilities that they hadn’t thought of.  I am convinced that most clients already know what they need and want to do with their money before we meet… they just need me to bring those thoughts to the surface.

If you could make up your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be?

Joyful Money Ally

What are the best skills that you bring to this job?

Compassion and real-world experience with money. And no judgment ever.

After a Strategy Session, how do you hope your clients feel when they leave the meeting? 

Energized. I think that one of the benefits of working with me is the opportunity to use me as a sounding board.  I want my clients to leave knowing they have worked with a partner who helped them see opportunities rather than someone who imposed their own values on them

If you could pass on only one piece of advice to your clients, what would it be?

Build a solid emergency fund if you don’t have one already. You can’t anticipate everything in life.

What is one thing you wish people understood about financial planning before working with you?

Your inherent value is not based on your financial decisions.  If you accept that money is just a tool for you to use to provide you with the life you want, then you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else’s standard but your own.

On the weekends, you can find me… Hanging out with my husband, the youngest of my three daughters, and our two very loud dogs.

Bucket list travel destination?

Vietnam. I have a long-term friendship that I made with an international student from Vietnam when I was a graduate student and over the years he has shared amazing stories about the country.

What is one thing your coworkers didn’t know about you… until now?

When I was in college, I got to go on a private tour of Alcatraz prison at night because I was an employee of the National Park Service (who owns the former prison).  Some of my fellow employees had accepted an offer to spend the night in the cells, but I turned it down because I was too scared!

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