Have the life you want with a financial plan that supports who you really are.

Mindy Crary, and the Creative Money team, work with people in the Seattle, Bellevue, and Bellingham area, who are ready to take their next step into financial clarity, organization and evolution.  This might mean working on your core beliefs, working on your practical situations, or both together.  You decide where you want to start.

Financial success is about creating enough clarity in purpose that you know EXACTLY what needs to happen to get you there faster, easier and with more grace.

There is tons of advice out there, but few resources that can zero in to exactly what you need NOW to really leverage your time, energy and money to produce the greatest results.

Who We Work With

We find that most clients break down into three different types of people, going through specific phases in life (if you want to skip straight to pricing, you can click here):

Ready for Grown-Up Finances

You finally feel like you can start taking your financial life seriously!  You might be just getting started with making “good” money, graduating from college or perhaps needing a reboot after a major life change like a bankruptcy or divorce.  Or you might be mired in mountains o’ debt.  One way or another, you want to know how to start thinking about your financial opportunities going forward.  You’re looking for a simple understanding of how to make the most of not only what is happening right now, but how to make the best use of every future dollar.

Branching Out on the Family Tree

You’re happy in your marriage or lifetime partnership; kids or dogs might factor into the next few years as you think about how your family can grow. You have a lot of different goals to coordinate and need help understanding the tradeoffs and repercussions between different courses of action. Financial clarity is important for you before you get too deep in putting down more family roots and commitments.

The Perennially Young

Are you 10 years or less away from chucking the 9-to-5 and want to know how all of your hard work, savings, potential income streams and assets translate into a worry-free retirement? Want to know what to do as you approach the home stretch? I can help.

Rebels of the New Economy

More than anyone, people who own their own businesses have the opportunity to build their wealth exponentially—we have a special love for these people! You may be thinking about starting a business or already have one; regardless, all businesses must address revenue acceleration—the means to get their product or service more quickly to more people. And since your business is unique, you need advice scaled to help your business at whatever stage you’re at and whatever resources are, advice that fits your specific budget and time constraints.

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