Meet Katie Noble

Katie Noble
Financial Planner


Math was always my favorite subject in school. There is always a puzzle to solve when working with numbers… and I love a challenging puzzle!  

After growing up on a farm in Eastern Washington and having a variety of manual labor jobs, including helping with the summer wheat harvest, I decided to head to the University of Oregon to get my BS in Business with an emphasis in Finance. With finance, everything just clicked together. I finally had formulas for the type of puzzles I wanted to solve. After graduation, I spent several years working in corporate finance where I analyzed sales, oversaw the national budget for the retail sales team, and also liaised between three departments to manage the flow of money. It was a great learning experience, but ultimately I wanted to do something more impactful – more personal. 

I describe myself as a personal finance nerd with a passion for helping others, and in Creative Money, I found the perfect fit. I joined Creative Money in 2019 and acquired my CFP designation shortly thereafter. Every client situation is a new puzzle to solve, and I really enjoy being able to work directly with clients to help craft creative solutions to get them closer to their financial goals.

What is your favorite part about being a financial planner?

Helping people visualize and reach their financial goals is the best part of being a financial planner. In order to accomplish this, I get to demystify personal finance, build a relationship with my client and hopefully reduce their stress or uncertainty around their finances. 

If you could make up your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be?

Personal finance wizard

After a Strategy Session, how do you hope your clients feel when they leave the meeting?

Energized and reassured. Talking about money can be very overwhelming. I’d like to change that. In my Strategy Sessions, I clearly explain personal finance principles so that people understand why I’m giving each recommendation. My goal for each session is for clients to leave feeling empowered to take charge of their finances themselves, knowing that I will be a helpful resource as more questions arise. 

If you could pass on only one piece of advice to your clients, what would it be?

Live within your means! By spending less money than you earn, you’re setting yourself up to save money for your goals. 

On the weekends, you can find me…. testing out new recipes! Pasta, pizza, pies – anything that requires a dough is my favorite to make.

Bucket list travel destination? 

Taiwan is at the top of my travel bucket list because of all the street food and beautiful scenery, but even more importantly tea! I’m a huge fan of tea, and have gotten very interested in learning more about the different types of tea, how to pair it with dishes, etc. 

What is one thing your coworkers didn’t know about you… until now? 

Some of my coworkers have only recently discovered that I love tea… maybe even obsessed with tea? Mindy likes to say I’m a “tea influencer,” but that might be carrying it a bit too far. If you’re a die-hard tea fan, click here for more tea tidbits

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