Your money determines how successful AND how happy you are right NOW.

So what’s your money making you? Stressed? Crazy? Uncertain about the future…

Welcome to Creative Money LLC, fee-only Financial planners for the Seattle, Eastside, and Bellingham areas. We are an independent fee-only, financial advisor.

Money can cost relationships. Thousands of dollars in bad decisions. And the occasional (hard to resist) late night rendezvous with your favorite irresistible ice cream shop down the street you sometimes refer to as “your new best friend.” Financial Advisor Seattle

Using the principles of financial planning in an all advice, zero product relationship, Creative Money LLC will help you take a much more creative down-to-earth approach, to give you back control of your money—so it doesn’t always control you. That’s the foundation of ‘Financial Planning That Doesn’t Suck.’

Creative Money LLC has a team of highly trained professionals to support and uphold a high ethical and professional standard.

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The single greatest indicator of your future wealth is knowing what you spend and where you spend it. And we know that you can’t just “work on your finances” once and be done…it’s an ongoing process.

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