Planning Packages

Creative Money offers several unique planning packages to improve your financial life. The way we see it, we are not just providing a service to help you figure out that 2+2=4 . . . because when we talk about money and help you see the potential, 2+2 = something much more.  We help you fulfill a promise that you made and honor the (maybe unspoken) agreement to show up in a bigger way around your money. Here are the ways we typically work with clients: Seattle, Bellingham, and Bellevue Washington

Strategy Session

Our Strategy Session helps with gaining clarity in your personal finances.  Here’s how it works:

  • We help you get scheduled for a no-commitment consult call, and then one of our planners hops on the phone to go over logistics and make sure the Creative Money process makes sense to you (you start that by filling out a prospective client intake form below).
  • During your call, we will get an idea of questions and constraints, share with you how Creative Money works, and also review our process. Then we’ll send you a scope email directly after your call with links to schedules, homework, etc.
  • When you’re ready to move forward, you schedule your Strategy Session (we give you the calendars to look at and schedule yourself), then you…
  • Gather data and use tools that we provide beforehand and submit to our shared Dropbox folder.
  • We crunch numbers, review the data, and pull it all together in a way that will bring relevance, clarity, and organization to the status quo.
  • You have the ~2.0 Hour session (in-person or virtual) where we collaborate and discuss the numbers in a way that makes the data meaningful to your situation, and then identify your specific, individual, unique-to-you action steps to keep the momentum going.
  • We send a follow-up action plan email with specific steps and advice that were discussed.
  • Creative Money provides email hand-holding and check-ins to keep you focused, on track, and implementing.
  • You can read about more logistics here or if you’re ready to jam, fill out a prospective client intake and we will get back to you to schedule a quickie phone call.

Packages and Fees

We charge a flat fee for a 12-month package, based on your case complexity. Your case has a bunch of different factors–life stage, goals covered, account diversity, etc. We do hundreds of plans annually (so we’ve gotten very good at knowing what you’ll need covered), and to give you an idea of cost here are the packages:

  • Young/Basic Single – $1,900
  • Young/Basic Couple – $2,200
  • Established Single – $2,200
  • Established Couple – $2,500
  • Established Family – $2,700
  • Retirement Timeline – $2,800
  • Complex Review – $3,500

(To work directly with Mindy is slightly more – click here for her founder’s rates).

Not sure which scope is you? We’ll talk about that in our call, which you can schedule at any time once you complete the Prospective Intake Form. You can also get more descriptions of these packages here.

Have more questions? Check out some of our FAQs and discussion to help you to understand more about how we work together with you. Our goal is that you get actionable advice to improve your financial life and give you greater clarity and peace of mind.

Get Started NOW

Interested in working with us? Here’s how to get started:

    1. Start by completing a Prospective Client Intake
    2. Within 2 business days, someone from our Client Care Team will email you about the next steps. Be sure to check your spam or promotions folder as sometimes the messages end up there.
    3. If we seem to be a good fit, we’ll meet for a complimentary consultation.
    4. Then you get to decide if/when you move forward with financial clarity, however it makes sense for you.

Note: We’re currently accepting new clients – If you’re ready to work with us, please complete the Prospective Client Intake. We’ll contact you for a phone consult (or email you back!). Then if it’s a good fit, you can take our next open client slot. (It’s got your name on it!)

Have more questions? Ask us anything.