How Creative Money LLC is Different

Meet the Creative Money LLC team, Seattle Washington’s premier Financial Planners. A lot of traditional finance advice and financial planning advice is provided with the hope you’ll purchase an investment or insurance product.  This means that the advisor’s incentive is to limit their financial planning advice around certain products you buy.   We don’t do that, and we don’t sell products.  Here’s what you get with Creative Money:

  • Financial planning direction and guidance, whatever your income.
  • Coaching you through a decision, instead of selling you on one.
  • Support through the emotional roller coaster of making tough decisions around your money.
  • Solving challenges instead of selling you products.

Who Are We?

Mindy Crary

Founder, Director of Advice


Creative Money LLC is Mindy’s brain child. As a Certified Financial Planning® practitioner, Mindy backs up everything we say around sound holistic guidance, not just from 20+ years in the big financial industry, but with professional certifications around the coaching industry, and a Masters in Business too. And to support and expand the Creative Money LLC vision, she has assembled a team of the coolest, most genuine, down-to-earth people the financial world has ever seen to help her execute on the Creative Money LLC philosophy.

Samantha Kirby

Financial Planner


Samantha Kirby has ​been a part of Creative Money LLC since 2015 and is a Certified Financial Planning® practitioner. Sam is based in Bellingham, but travels to the Seattle area to meet with clients. As much as Sam loves meeting with her Seattle-Bellevue-Redmond-area clients, she admits a big draw to heading south for meetings is a chance for some focused ice cream consumption at Salt & Straw.

The team at Creative Money LLC is a lot like you.  Practical. Emotional. Energetic.

And sometimes even mental. 

We understand that your greatest obstacle to financial clarity and action really is you.

Are you an aspiring financial bad-ass or someone who needs helps making their financial life amazing?

If you want, you can…

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