How Creative Money LLC is Different

Meet the Creative Money LLC team, Seattle’s premier Financial Planners. A lot of traditional financial planning advice is provided with the hope you’ll purchase an investment or insurance product.  This means that the advisor’s incentive is to limit their financial planning advice around certain products you buy.   We don’t do that, and we don’t sell products.  Here’s what you get with Creative Money:

  • Financial planning direction and guidance, whatever your income.
  • Coaching you through a decision, instead of selling you on one.
  • Support through the emotional roller coaster of making tough decisions around your money.
  • Solving challenges instead of selling you products.

Who Are We?

Mindy Crary, CFP®
Financial Planner


Creative Money LLC is Mindy’s brain child. As a Certified Financial Planning® practitioner, Mindy backs up everything we say around sound holistic guidance, not just from 22 years in the big financial industry, but with professional certifications around the coaching industry, and a Masters in Business too. And to support and expand the Creative Money LLC vision, she has assembled a team of the coolest, most genuine, down-to-earth people the financial world has ever seen to help her execute on the Creative Money LLC philosophy.

Mindy spends her downtime writing, reading, doing Orangetheory and looking for the perfect French fry. She did her first 5K in 2019 after more than a decade, and decided to look for sunnier, warmer outside activities. She toys with becoming vegan but so far bacon and barbeque are still making that decision for her.

Samantha Kirby, CFP®
Financial Planner


Samantha Kirby has ​been a part of Creative Money LLC since 2015 and brings more than 15 years of experience in finance and accounting to the team. She has a BA in Business with a concentration in Finance and Economics. As a Certified Financial Planning® practitioner, Sam loves combining her knowledge and experience with down-to-earth practical advice. Sam is based in Bellingham but travels to the Seattle area regularly to meet with clients (and to eat ice cream at Salt & Straw).

Sam spends her downtime as the matriarch of an all-boys family who likes to tempt fate with death-defying activities like mountain biking, hiking and generally running through nature exposed to predators (husband included). It doesn’t really bother Sam since she is pretty easygoing…we think the ice cream helps. A lot. Read more about Sam…

Amy McIlvaine, CFP®

Financial Planner


Amy McIlvaine brings more than 25 years of experience in finance and investments to Creative Money LLC, including experience working on Wall Street. She has a BA in Economics and an MBA in Finance. As a Certified Financial Planning® practitioner, Amy has a passion for ESG investing (Environment, Social and Governance) and enjoys helping empower her clients to confidently plan for their financial future.

In her downtime, Amy enjoys spending time with her newest grandchild, e-biking, hiking, playing pickleball, golfing and bingeing crime dramas. She has a long “bucket list” of travel destinations, but we don’t plan to let her out of our sight for the foreseeable future. Read more about Amy…

Dawn Torres-Gale
Financial Planner


Dawn Torres-Gale brings more than ten years of financial services experience to Creative Money, using her Accredited Financial Counselor® designation and training to provide personal financial counseling to clients around the world. She plans to pass the CFP® practitioner exam in March and then move on to fulfilling the experiential requirement to use the designation.

Dawn is based in Portland and spends her downtime exploring the area with her husband as well as keeping track of the activities of her three daughters across three different states! She loves travel and interior design and always makes time to binge HGTV. One of her life goals is to fly in a hot air balloon, but until then we keep her happily grounded as a member of our team. Read more about Dawn…

Katie Noble
Financial Planner


Katie Noble has been a part of Creative Money LLC since 2019 and brings more than 6 years of analytic skills (along with a Business degree with a concentration in Finance) to the team. She is, quite possibly, the most methodical and process-oriented planner we know. Katie has passed the CFP® practitioner exam and she has completed all education requirements and is well on her way to completing the 6,000 hours needed to fulfill the experiential requirement to using the designation.

During her downtime, when Katie can’t express her unholy love for budgets, spreadsheets, and compound interest, you can find her trying out new recipes (especially anything to do with dough!) or rearranging her overflowing collection of coffee mugs.  Read more about Katie…

Sandy Nielsen
Data Manager


Sandy Nielsen has been a part of Creative Money LLC since 2018 and she is our behind-the-scenes connection to clients as we collect, organize and clarify financial information. That may sound simple, but if you start to imagine all of the personalities and all of the data Sandy juggles on a daily basis… let’s just say we are continually in awe at how effortless she makes it all look!

Sandy lives in Seattle with her husband, a commercial energy-efficient lighting consultant. When she’s not white knuckling it through watching her three sons attempt to adult, Sandy likes to read, do yardwork, manage websites, and play word scramble games. Oh, and sometimes she sleeps for like 3 hours a night.

Erika Taylor
Operations Manager


Erika Taylor has been a part of Creative Money LLC since 2018 and brings more than 15 years of experience in marketing/client service in the financial services industry to the team. Quite simply, Erika is in charge of everybody and everything if it doesn’t have to do with financial planning. Honestly, we’d get her a crown if we thought she’d wear it.

When she’s not busy keeping us all organized, she spends the rest of her time cheering on her youngest son’s hockey team and hiking with her four-legged fur child, Tigger. Since her oldest is off at college, she squeezes in moments of guilt and empty nest onset anxiety with any leftover free time.

The team at Creative Money LLC is a lot like you.  Practical. Emotional. Energetic.

And sometimes even mental. 

We understand that your greatest obstacle to financial clarity and action really is you.

Are you an aspiring financial bad-ass or someone who needs helps making their financial life amazing?

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